Season Schedule

The fantasy football season schedule has two phases: the Regular Season and the Playoffs. Regular season and playoff schedules are both influenced by League Divisions.

Regular Season

Our league plays a 14-week regular season, beginning with the first NFL regular season game.

The ESPN app provides an automatic scheduler which has historically produced uneven team schedules. We override the automatic schedule so that every team plays each divisional opponent at least twice.


New in the 2022 season

The below playoff structure was revised from a 6-6 to an 8-8 structure beginning with the 2022-23 season. The playoff order system has been revised slightly to accommodate divisional finals in week 16.

This league uses a 3-week single-elimination championship format. Following the regular season, The top four teams in each division will participate in the playoffs. Among these teams, the seed in the playoffs is determined by overall win-loss record, with ties broken by overall points for. This is what the structure looks like:


The overall winner receives the League Trophy (the “Golden Football”).

This structure is mirrored for the bottom-ranking teams, with teams advancing with each loss. Since there are seven teams in each division, the bottom three teams participate with a first-round “BYE” (automatic advancement) for the lowest-ranked team in each division. This is what the structure looks like:


The team that loses all of their games in this bracket will receive the last-place trophy (the “Golden Toilet Seat”).

Trophy recipients are expected to keep their trophies on public display at their workstation until the conclusion of the following season.